Some people feel totally comfortable in front of the camera.

Do you think I am one of them? Totally… not!

I understand your fears and frustrations because personally, I prefer to be on the other side of the lens. Perhaps that is the reason why I care about the photo shoot atmosphere so much. It is a wonderful feeling to see how children get more relaxed from one picture to another and become natural, loosing all of the awkwardness they came up with at the beginning.

Photography Reading Jagoda Wichurska Blueberry Studio -owner and a photographer

“Jagoda made my daughter feel very comfortable and gave her lots of confidence,

she loves showing her photos off.”

(Kirsty Wood)

I am Jagoda, Reading-based, fine art children portrait photographer. I specialize in providing mums with framed portraits of their children, capturing the pure love and adding a bit of magic to people’s lives.

I am originally from Poland and as you have probably noticed, English isn’t my first language. Managing this website and the blog is an amazing linguistic journey.

My name – Jagoda can cause a lot of stress for someone who is unable to pronounce it. Ya-go-da. Simple:) In Polish, it means (ta-dah)… Blueberry! But watch out if you travel to Croatia, as that’s how they call strawberries over there. Perfectly confusing!

Coffee is not my cup of tea. Tea is. And wine:)

I used to be an Irish dancer. Apparently, my soul was born in Ireland (that is what I have been told by a shaman who didn’t know anything about me!) I love to dance and I can’t wait to send my children to a dance school. Being a dance-mum can be a hard but rewarding job eh?

Home stuff, home-made and home-baked rules for me. Feeding people and making them happy and loved is amazing, isn’t it? Cake anyone?

I could live in Lakeland. I will never get bored with their stuff!

I am mum of two and my superpower is singing nursery rhymes in two languages (well not at the same time though)

I don’t like the cold, spiders or unopened pistachios

All I watch on TV is sports and culinary shows…oh, and “Casino Royale” which I could consume over and over again

My name is Wichurska. Jagoda Wichurska. Always ready to take a shoot.

And you? Are you one of the mums who are fearful about having their pictures taken?

You procrastinate your booking because you don’t know how it’s going to be with your super shy daughter who never looks into the camera and never smiles?

Click here to find out what to expect from the session with me from start to finish.

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