A quick test to see if we are the right fit to work together!

  • You are looking for a creative artist who turns pictures into fine art

  • You want to have the images full of colour and emotion

  • You value the quality of the finest prints and wall art products which are made with the greatest attention to detail

  • You want to be proud of your interiors and see your friends complimenting your photography displays

  • You need a wedding photographer

  • You are looking for someone to do the cake smash session

  • You love sleepy newborn’s pictures, posed with various wraps and props

  • You want to get original, unedited photos and work on them yourself

  • You expect to only get all pictures on a CD



At Blueberry Studio I will make sure you feel organized, reassured and stress-free from the minute you decide to book a shoot.

“Everything from start to finish exceeded my expectations.” (Muireann O’Donnell)

I specialize in Fine Art Children Portraits. Blueberry Studio is not a physical studio with artificial lights and fully set up backdrops. I always say “my studio is where my camera is” so most of the time your session will be arranged outdoors.

Photography Reading Blueberry Studio photographer Jagoda Wichurska working outdoors on a poppy field

Sometimes you may wish me to come over to your place. No worries, we can arrange an indoors session and find a suitable background at your home. As long as you have some windows?

During our consultation chat, we can decide together if the best option would be an outdoor shoot or at a home studio. I love outdoor sessions the most but I do realize where we live! Welcome to the UK…erm, let’s go inside actually.

For styled Fine Art sessions, we may need to get into a professional studio, which I can find and rent to meet our needs.


Session style, outfits, make up questions? No problem. You will receive all information you need. I will advise you on the options, what works best and what would look good on pictures. I have a make-up artist on hand, ready to release your inner Goddess if needed. See below, what Aga from Classy Lady did within 10 minutes of my baby’s nap. Not a bad job!


To secure the date I require £50 session fee paid upfront as a deposit. This does not include any products and they are listed here on my price list.

Once your deposit is paid, you are entitled to a 30-minute consultation via phone, email, Skype or Messenger, whatever is most convenient for you.

You will get a reminder a day before the shoot. It will be a short checklist to make sure you know what to bring with you and where to go.

Photo shoot

Before we start I am going to ask you to read and sign the contract. If you are happy for me to use your photographs on my social media/ website we will sort the model release form too.

During the session, I will guide you and your child on posing techniques and will tell you exactly what to do. We will take it easy and I will take enough pictures to find THE ONE you are happy with. The editing process will help to smooth what needs to be smoothed and cover what needs to be covered. Thank God for Photoshop. I don’t want to hear “I’ve got spots, wrinkles, dark circles!” etc. We have all got them but photographers know how to minimize their appearance on photos with appropriate lighting or editing tricks. Don’t worry! If you are still in doubt and always “hate the way you look at pictures” please read this asap.

If you booked a family session and husband isn’t very keen on posing, we will photograph him in the quickest way to not to stress him too much. The same with children. If you have a grumpy teenager, or a little baby who prefers to be held – that’s fine. I have been there many times and know various tricks to deal with those “special cases”. I can sing, dance or negotiate, depending on the circumstances.

You may need to read this article before hand to reassure yourself about the children and photographer’s cooperation;)

Reveal and Ordering Session

What is going to happen next? You will be invited to a viewing session when we decide on your favourite pictures, extra prints or enlargements you would like to get. We can discuss framing options and compare savings on various packages.

Once I receive a full payment from you, I will then process your order and inform you as soon as it is ready. You can pay by cash, PayPal or a bank transfer. I also have a card reader on hand for your convenience.

I can post your order via Royal Mail or arrange delivery/collection.

I want you to know it’s me who does the job and it’s you and your family who enjoys the experience.

Photography Reading little girl in a red coat photographed at the front of a white blossomed tree

I will provide you with all details and numbers, information and advice to make you feel relaxed and confident.

Ready to book? Message me here!

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